Executive Webinars


Session 2: Software Licensing 'Gotchas' in the Cloud

Tuesday, February 20 | 1:00 -1:30 PM EDT


As organizations continue the massive migration to the cloud and the majority of suppliers move to SaaS only offerings, there has never been more uncertainty and risk built into agreements which the potential for massive long-term consequences. From potential compliance issues to unintended costs, this session will review some common software licensing gotchas in the cloud with suggestions to address them.


Highlights Include:

  • How to inspect SLA rights and risks
  • Potential compliance risks and ways to mitigate them
  • Cloud application migration decisioning
  • Licensing impact of migrations, re-platforming, and “lift & shift” scenarios
  • Best practices checklist for software licensing in the Cloud




The winter webinar series consists of four 30-minute sessions which begin at 1:00 PM EST and are scheduled every two weeks beginning Tuesday, January 23. Each session will have 25 minutes of content, followed by a brief five-minute Q&A. 

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