Education Program

With 80% of IT budgets tied up in incumbent solutions, it's an economic imperative that organizations prioritize controlling supplier incumbency by elevating the role of IT deal makers.

Led by former senior sales executives from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, EMC and other large IT suppliers, ClearEdge delivers a customizable curriculum designed to:

  • Raise awareness of supplier sales systems and negotiation strategies
  • Equip your team with skills to inspect deals for opportunity
  • Develop leadership to drive and cross-functional alignment necessary to preserve leverage
  • Approach negotiations from a position of strength

IT teams face constant pressure both to keep current solutions up and running and to implement new solutions for internal customers as quickly as possible, on or under budget. Not to mention maintaining strong relationships with their most strategic suppliers. As they become more and more entrenched, incumbent vendors build systems to take advantage of these internal pressures. By building IT franchises, incumbent vendors drive a wedge between IT and Sourcing and continue to maximize profits every year and on every deal.


Awareness of Vendor Incumbency

Once established, IT standards produce a “Pricing Gap” that forces customers to pay above-market pricing. This module helps buyers understand how suppliers maintain and strengthen IT standards inside a customer environment and examines techniques to redefine “franchise” commitments to reduce short- and long-term costs. IT organizations will learn how to identify incumbent supplier franchises, how they are built and why they exist.

- How does incumbency lead to higher pricing over time?
- How do incumbent suppliers defend their entrenched positions?
- How suppliers have evolved strategies from gaining market share to defending high margin accounts.
- How do I know incumbency is at play?

Aligning Teams to Control Incumbency

IT organizations face a compelling need to limit access to information and continuously challenge the status quo of your suppliers’ current situation.  This requires across-the-board buy-in from key stakeholders and Business, IT and Sourcing teams. The result is a strengthened partnership with your strategic suppliers that provides value in both directions through a healthy and productive relationship.

- How to develop well-aligned messaging plans
- How to identify and preserve leverage
- How to control critical information flow
- How to define roles and responsibilities

Modeling & Roadmaps for IT Investments

Developed as a direct result of client feedback, this workshop-based module provides the skills necessary to prioritize key spending engagements with strategic incumbent suppliers and control the deal agenda.  Clients will learn how to build financial models to assess what a solution is worth to your organization.

- How to build multi-year spending models
- How to develop an Early Warning System (EWS) for key upcoming renewals
- How to free up budgets from existing solutions to invest in key new initiatives.