Education Program

With 80% of IT budgets tied up in incumbent solutions, it's an economic imperative that organizations prioritize controlling supplier incumbency by elevating the role of IT deal makers.

Led by former senior sales executives from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, EMC and other large IT suppliers, ClearEdge delivers a customizable curriculum designed to:

  • Raise awareness of supplier sales systems and negotiation strategies
  • Equip your team with skills to inspect deals for opportunity
  • Develop leadership to drive and cross-functional alignment necessary to preserve leverage
  • Approach negotiations from a position of strength



After reviewing more than 2,000 client engagements in 2014, the key to driving best in-class deals is not surprising: clients used the leverage they had secured through a combination of Timing, Alternatives and Uncertainty. ClearEdge has seen a lack of executive support and/or team alignment consistently undermine client leverage. Battling IT vendor incumbency requires a C-suite that has made this a priority. To enable and fund new business initiatives and strategies, strong leaders must align their teams to focus on incumbent vendors. Although Timing, Alternatives, and Uncertainly are available for client leverage in many deals, the organizations that have controlled vendor incumbency had leadership from the CIO, CFO, and CPO to align teams, drive change in IT investment and elevate the role and skills of IT deal makers.


Chief Information Officer (CIO)

In today's daily catch phrase IT world – digital now, digital first, age of the customer, start with mobile – one enduring truth is CIOs must free up ongoing maintence expenses from legacy system budgets to invest in strategic new initiatives such as cloud, mobile, social and big data. That can only occur with CIO leadership in battling incumbency to enable new business initiatives and strategy.

ClearEdge CIO executive workshops provide CIOs with methodologies and case studies on how Fortune 100 firms are successfully:

- Breaking out of the 80/20 IT Budget trap to reduce maintenance, and invest in new initiatives
- Driving a culture of alignment among IT, sourcing and internal business customers
- Ensuring every deal is set up properly to capture maximum value


Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

CPOs are working harder and harder to align the entire organization to treat every dollar as if it was their own – and their last.  Everyone from the Line of Business to IT Teams to Sourcing Professionals must be "on the same bus," ensuring that deal leverage does not walk out the door each time a supplier comes knocking. The ability to drive this behavioral transformation requires a unique skill set.  

ClearEdge CPO executive workshops provide methodologies and case studies on how Fortune 100 firms are successfully:

- Solving the internal political issues that undermine leverage, and helping CIOs invest in new technologies
- Creating a culture of cooperation between IT and sourcing
- Driving early engagement and stopping "urgent" deals from arriving at the last minute to be “slowed down” by Sourcing

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFOs are under relentless pressure to produce greater IT financial transparency, cost reduction, and budgetary control. At a time when IT investments must deliver a financial return, CFOs often play the key role in championing the internal change and IT-Procurement alignment needed to challenge IT incumbency.  By leading the charge toward better aligned IT and Sourcing teams, CFOs can control IT costs and thereby strengthen the CIO’s ability to fund critical business and IT projects.

ClearEdge CFO executive workshops provide CIOs with methodologies and case studies on how Fortune 100 firms are successfully:

- Modifying the IT budgeting process to enable change inside organizations and focus on enterprise-wide goals
- Separating investment decisions from criteria such as capital vs operating budgets and challenge vendor sales playbooks