ClearEdge Services

ClearEdge Services go beyond benchmarking. By raising awareness of supplier sales systems and negotiation strategies, we equip your team to inspect deals for savings opportunities and build strategies to both mitigate risk and capture maximum value from IT spends. ClearEdge clients develop leadership in driving the cross-functional alignment necessary to preserve leverage and approach negotiations with suppliers from a position of strength.

Advisory Service   Education   Project & Program Management

IT Deal-Support - Read More

Guided by senior deal-making expertise, ClearEdge advisors work directly with your team throughout the IT cycle to build stronger teamwork, leverage and control over spending in the major IT solution categories.  

This experience makes a difference for our clients every day by providing Insight and Clarity, Actionable Intelligence, Alignment of Resources, Hard-Dollar Savings, and Strenghtened Relationships with your most important suppliers. 





ClearEdge Academy - Read More

Our Education Program is focused on raising awareness and developing best practices to help clients maximize solution value from their long-term technology suppliers.

The series is curriculum falls into two categories. The first is designed to raise awareness around pricing programs employed by the largest IT suppliers, and the second develops the skills needed to combat these tactics and receive the maximum value from spending events.




Transaction Management  - Read More

Driving deal execution for clients that lack either the experience or resources to capture maximum value from each of their most important spending events.

Services Consulting  - Read More  

Additional help to clients attempting to regain control over their professional services spending through Category Management and Vendor Playbook Development. 

Audit Risk Services  Read More  

Software audits can be disruptive and expensive.  ClearEdge offers a suite of services designed to assess and mitigate audit risk.