About Us

ClearEdge Services go beyond benchmarking. By raising awareness of supplier sales systems and negotiation strategies, we equip your team to inspect deals for savings opportunities and build strategies to both mitigate risk and capture maximum value from IT spends. ClearEdge clients develop leadership in driving the cross-functional alignment necessary to preserve leverage and approach negotiations with suppliers from a position of strength. 

We have developed our education program to directly target gaps in client execution related to the 9 key capabilities of managing leverage. Organizations who excel in these 9 areas consistently demonstrate best-in-class deal execution:

Information Control

Identifying critical information and determining
what to share and what not to share, internally and externally.


Deal Timeline Management

The creation of a calendar which identifies and documents deal-making activities to maximize buyer leverage.


Messaging Development

The development, vetting and alignment of a storyline which helps create leverage with your supplier.

Deal Option Development

Identification and development of plausible deal alternatives to create buyer leverage and maximize supplier uncertainty.


Spending Forecast & Modeling

Ability to build conservative, multi-year demand models including utilization, future demand and risk, without supplier influence.


Early Warning System

Organized approach to prioritize what deals to open and when to open them to maximize leverage.

Executive Engagement

Gaining executive-level involvement and support ensures team alignment around deal strategy.


Current Supplier Knowledge

Awareness of supplier sales systems and motivations, current market conditions, and critical leverage points.


Risk Assessment & Inspection

Inspecting current agreements and potential deals for risk exposure.

The goal is to:

  • Raise awareness of supplier sales systems and negotiation strategies
  • Equip your team with the tools and acumen to inspect deals for savings, value-creation opportunities and commercial risk
  • Develop leadership in driving the cross-functional alignment necessary to preseve leverage
  • Approach negotiations with incumbent suppliers from a position of strength

This program not only promises to drive cost savings, but also frees up the much needed resources to invest in innovation rather than the status quo of legacy systems.