A framework to systematically build a viable buying campaign in order to level the playing field with strategic IT suppliers and maximize solution value to the buyer.  The Scorecard highlights the most important focus areas during each stage of the deal engagement process from assessing and analyzing information to strategic event planning.

Who is in control?
What is the important information to protect?
What are our sources of pricing power?
What is our plan to protect critical information?
How do we plan to execute?

The output of the V.A.L.U.E. Guide™ is a Strategic Supplier Playbook which provides a framework to execute a cohesive and successful value driven sourcing strategy. This program will drive transformation of sourcing from a transaction-based, negotiation-centric approach, to a long-term IT procurement strategy focused on value creation. ClearEdge will train clients in how to utilize the V.A.L.U.E. Guide as an inspection tool to quickly rate current spending engagements and expose areas of weakness and strength for a given transaction. This methodology has delivered proven results to increase solution value without sacrificing service levels, technology concessions or supplier relationships.


Compelling Event: Why Spend? Why Now?
Buying teams must identify internal stakeholders and document their motivations in order to develop a strategy to manage what can and cannot be shared with suppliers.


Plan Bs: Perceived Viable Alternatives
Having viable Plan Bs is the most effective way to counteract the suppliers inherent leverage. A plan to preserve and create Plan Bs is the key to a successful sourcing strategy.


Leverage: Shift the Balance
When professional buyers come to the table, often times they have little or no leverage because decisions are made and the suppliers are running the deal.


Messaging: One Team, One Voice
Executing a successful buying campaign comes down to information control and a cross-functional cohesive messaging plan.



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