Executive Webinars


Session 2: Building an Early Warning System

Thursday, October 19 | 1:00 -1:45 PM EDT


The fundamental challenge faced by all IT deal-makers is when to start a deal and how to drive early engagement across multiple stakeholders. We know from tracking thousands of deals that professionals who engage before a quote is on the table often achieve 3-4x the cost savings in addition to mitigating potential risk in their existing and new contracts.  This session will discuss how to build an approach to starting deals when leverage is on the buyer’s side.

Session highlights include:

  • When is the best time to start a strategic deal?
  • IT deal analytics, behaviors and results from across our client base
  • How to break out of “analysis paralysis” and begin deal-making activities
  • Key risk indicators to track for Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle




This series consists of four 30-minute sessions which start at 1PM EDT and are scheduled every two weeks beginning Tuesday, June 1st.  Each session will have approximately 25 minutes of content, followed by a five-minute Q&A.

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