Executive Webinars


Session 4: Cloud Transformation - Assessing for Risk 

Thursday, November 16 | 1:00 -1:30 PM EDT


Whether it’s the adoption of a “cloud-first” or now “cloud-only” strategies, we’re seeing a massive migration to the cloud across the majority of enterprise organizations.  While the use-case is clear for these solutions, business cases are often less defined, and this shift is fraught with unseen risk and unanticipated short- and long-term financial implications.  The deal-maker of the future must understand and proactively work to uncover these hidden risks without hindering the businesse’s agility. 

Session highlights include:

  • The five key buckets of commercial risk in a cloud deal
  • The potential for redundant cost and its impact on key financials
  • How to proactively uncover and mitigate risk without being a roadblock
  • How your legacy suppliers actively work to slow down your move to the cloud




This series consists of four 30-minute sessions which start at 1PM EDT and are scheduled every two weeks beginning Thursday, October 5th.  Each session will have approximately 25 minutes of content, followed by a five-minute Q&A.

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